The Matboard

This is an easy to use prototyping board for use with the Raspberry PI

Simply connect the board to the RaspberryPI with the ribbon cable for Model A/B

For Raspberry Pi Model B+ , please specify at time of order

Supplied with clear assembly instructions and example python code 

Matboard Specifications

10cm x 10cm x 1..2cm

4 x Onboard Coloured LED Outputs

4 x Relay Outputs 30V " 2A

4 x Onboard Coloured Switches

4 x Switch or Digital Inputs (Max. 30V)

Prototyping Area for building your own circuits adding DC-DC Converter, RealTime Clock, Sensors etc

Mounting holes for installing the board in your project

Mounting holes for fitting the RaspberryPI on top of the Matboard

Matboard documentation downloads:

Matboard Assembly Instructions


Instructions for Real Time Clock and DC-DC Converter projects

Matboard User Manual

Winchester Laboratories